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Shanghai Guya Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. (GUYAAC) is a professional  manufacturer of air conditioning decorative fittings. With 16 years of industry experience and expertise, GUYAAC produces  all air conditioning decorative fittings with the  world's leading plastic machines and equipment to achieve clear  visual  effect and ultra-stable performance. Subservient to the product development concept of  " the invisible air conditioner pipe is the best " ,  GUYAAC has provided customers  in major markets  around the  world  with  professional  products with mature design and CE  certification to bring superior competitive  advantages to customers through  very  simple  & convenient,   perfect performance and  ingenious construction.

Company:Shanghai Guya Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd

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Address:Room 2905, No. 933, Zhongshan West Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China